Ryerson Student Union Campaign – Vote and Eat Pie

Ryerson Students' Union October 2015

The Ryerson Students’ Union partnered with Be the Vote because we were tired of the traditional ‘get out the vote’ campaigns and wanted to be a part of an innovative movement. Their collaborative working style made politics fun and engaging for our students. – Cormac McGee, Vice President External Affairs, Ryerson Students’ Union

Be the Vote created Ryerson Students’ Union’s (RSU’s) election campaign, Vote and Eat Pie, which had the highest voter turnout among Toronto universities. The act of voting was celebrated by serving pie, which helped keep students content while they waited in line. Be the Vote was also on campus during RSU’s Welcome Week in September. Students were given information about how to vote in the upcoming election, and 160 Pledge Plus 1 signatures were collected.

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