Near Jackson Square in Hamilton, Ontario, we met a (seriously adorable) couple, Phoebe and Simon, who were enthusiastically supportive of our cause! They offered this piece of advice:

It’s important to get out and vote. Get involved so you can have your voice heard.

Phoebe and Simon vote so they can have their voices heard… why do you vote (or not)? Leave a comment!

Aidan Taylor was proud to have some glamour shots taken with our #bethevote sign when we met him in Hamilton, Ontario. But make no mistake – Aidan’s got both brains and brawn.

When asked why he thinks young people should vote, he said,

“it’s important that youth are actually aware of the political landscape”.

Should youth make an effort to get involved in politics and get informed? We can totally get behind that. Share your thoughts with us!

We met John Fox in downtown Hamilton, ON. He was quick to confirm that he was a voter. When we asked John why he thinks fellow young Canadians should vote, he said:

If we don’t get a say in what’s happening, it’s not going to be the right person in place.

The youth vote is necessary in order to elect the “right person” – would you agree? Leave a comment!

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