2015 Federal Election Activity Report

March 3, 2016 ,
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A note from our leaders

Claiming the 2015 federal election was “exciting” would be an understatement for the Be the Vote team. Overall voter turnout was the highest since 1993, and Statistics Canada has estimated record-breaking youth voter turnout (official numbers will be released by Elections Canada later in 2016).

As we reflect on our activities, what stands out most is the passionate support of our contributors, volunteers, partners, and communities. Canadians truly want to see our democracy represent more of its citizens, particularly youth.

While it is challenging to measure our overall impact on getting youth out to vote, this report attempts to capture as much of our influence as possible. Certainly, our team members feel they motivated innumerable youth to vote throughout our activities.

We want to thank all of our supporters for making our ideas a reality, and we look forward to our next chapter, working towards strong, long-term voter participation.

Sincerely, Grace, Katie, and Matthew


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