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UPDATED: 2015 Election Period Outreach


We attend community events to spread awareness about the importance of voting and the upcoming federal election. We were at Tedx Youth Jamesville, inForum 2015 Conference, Dundas West Fest, and Toronto Pride in 2015. Click here for a full listing of past events. 

We are currently collecting signatures for our Pledge Plus 1 campaign in Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Waterloo, Moncton, and Halifax. 




Awareness Campaign

Our 2015 PSA campaign is live! Check it out here.

Instead of blaming youth on the outside of politics for not voting, we empathize with them. The lead-up to the election is filled with political jargon in the media, vicious attack ads, and high-jacked summer vacations filled with canvassing and fundraising.

Be the Vote prioritizes disengaged youth that fall under the radar of most politicians. We are convincing young Canadians to vote, not to support a particular party or issue, but because their vote is valuable in shaping the future.



Often young Canadians do not feel informed enough to vote. We don't blame them. Party platforms are dry, the media doesn't cover parties in a youth-relevant way, and the use of political jargon makes most people feel like they are reading gibberish.

We only list reliable, non-partisan sources in our Get Informed section, which includes information on political parties, political quizzes, and information on how to vote. 

We support Elections Canada's outreach activities by distributing official voter information.


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