University of Manitoba Students’ Union Campaign – #bethevote

University of Manitoba Student's Union October 2015 ,

Be the Vote created the University of Manitoba Students’ Union’s (UMSU’s) #BetheVote campaign to increase youth voter turnout on campus. Be the Vote created advertising messages for UMSU and and consulted on their election outreach activities. UMSU drew attention to their GOTV efforts during campus voting days when they used golf carts to transport voters across campus to the poll location.

Be the Vote played a crucial role in increasing voter turnout at the University of Manitoba. Campaigns like these instill a sense of social responsibility among youth to cast their ballot and make their voice heard. We need more campaigns like these to fight voter apathy. – Astitwa Thapa, Vice President External, UMSU

Media Coverage: October 8, 2014 – CBC News: U of M uses golf cart to get students to vote in popup station

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