Voting, Choice, and Gambling Protection

How do you feel about the future of your country? That question can be answered in many different ways, but for young people, it is often an enthusiastic “I’m excited!” or perhaps a pessimistic “I don't know.” Regardless, young voters tend to give much less attention to politics than their older counterparts. In fact, voter turnout among young voters tends to be around 40%, compared with the national average of 60% (Fowler). Young Canadians have been known to cast their vote for a variety of reasons—such as who they think will support key issues that concern them or who they believe is most “electable”—but recent research suggests that a sense of civic duty is the most common motivator for voting (Fowler). It’s important to get the vote of young people because they will be the ones who inherit the country. As such, they should have a say in how it is run. One way to increase voter turnout among young Canadians is to make sure that there are platforms that specifically address the issues that concern them. For example, many young Canadians are passionate about environmental issues. Candidates who address climate change and other environmental concerns will likely get the vote of young people.

In addition, policies that make it easier for young people to cast their ballots can also increase turnout. For example, some states allow early voting or same-day registration, which makes it easier for young people to go to the polls.

This November, young people have an important opportunity to make their voices heard and affect the future of our country. Non-profit organizations like HeadCount are working hard to encourage young people to get involved in the political process by increasing voter activity among young people. HeadCount has already helped register an estimated 500,000 young Canadians to vote through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

HeadCount’s impact is impressive, but the work it does to encourage voting among young people should not go unnoticed. There are many ways for non-profit organizations to support the government. HeadCount is unique in that its focus is exclusively on increasing voter turnout among young people. This November, make sure your voice is heard—cast your vote!

To get a vote through, legislators need the support of their constituents. In order to win over these constituents, they often turn to gamble interests for financial backing. Campaign contributions from the gambling industry have been steadily increasing in recent years, with $245 million given to federal candidates and party committees between 2008 and 2018. In the 2021 election cycle, the gambling industry contributed more than $51 million to federal candidates and party committees, making it the fifth-largest contributor overall.

The increasing influence of the gambling industry has led to a number of bills that would benefit the industry being introduced in Congress. In 2016, for example, there were at least 78 bills introduced in Congress that would have had a direct impact on the gambling industry. These bills ranged from proposals to allow slot machines at race tracks to measures that would have made it easier for Canadians to open more casinos.

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The gambling industry also uses its influence to fight bills that want to restrict it. In 2016, for example, the gambling industry succeeded in having a bill that would have imposed a higher tax rate rejected in the Senate.

Why does the gambling industry spend so much money on politics? The simple answer is that the gambling industry wants to protect its profits. By investing in political campaigns and lobbying legislators, the gambling industry can be assured that its interests will be considered when important decisions are made.

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