There's a lot of information available on youth voter engagement, so we've picked out some top-notch reads for you. 

Commentary from youth's perspective on voting 

Politicians don't care if youth vote - Sarah Traynor, The Ryersonian 

"You don't have to be a big citizen": Political citizenship in Canada - Brodie Conley, Samara

Hipster, Millenials & the precariously-employed welcome at City Hall! - Claire Boychuck, Samara

Why election reform alone isn’t enough to engage Canada’s young voters - Rosemary Westwood, Metro


Estimation of Voter Turnout by Age Group and Gender at the 2011 Federal General Election - Elections Canada

The Millenial Dialogue Report - Broadbent Institute

The Real Outsiders - Samara

Overcoming Youth Voter Decline from a Canadian Perspective - Tom Schreiter 

For Educators

Student Vote - Register with Student Vote to hold a mock election in your classroom on October 19, 2015


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