Be the Vote launches comedic video campaign with important message to win new voters



TORONTO, ON (September 23, 2015) - A youth-led organization, Be the Vote, released five public service announcement (PSAs) videos today aimed at inspiring young Canadians to vote in the upcoming federal election.

With a team of young actors, writers, and filmmakers in Toronto, Be the Vote delivered their message with humour, hoping to provoke laughter and convey a feel-good association with voting.

“Voting has immense value and we are being clear about that - we can’t shy away from celebrating this right”, says Grace Kennedy, Executive Director of Be the Vote. “The PSAs seek to show voting is very relevant to everyone, which is a much-needed message today to the majority of young Canadians who have not voted, for whatever reasons in the past”.

Be the Vote solicited the support of Juno-winning band Arkells, a young indie-rock group from Hamilton, to provide a hit song for use in the PSAs. Fittingly, the band members all took Political Science classes at McMaster University.

“The more people that get out and vote, the more people will be engaged in shaping, not only election results, but policies, debates, and discourse in Canadian politics”, says Arkells’ bassist Nick Dika. “That’s why voter participation is important to us - no matter who you choose to vote for.”

In each of the 30-second PSAs, a political topic is highlighted in the life of a young person experiencing a funny, every-day scenario. The PSAs refrain from using political jargon or taking stances on issues; instead they promote the message that youth have the chance to influence their future on Oct.19.

“Be the Vote's PSAs offer a positive message, which can resonate with young Canadians” says Jane Hilderman, Executive Director of Samara, an educational charity that released a report debunking the notion youth are apathetic earlier this month. “Be the Vote recognizes youth are not apathetic, and makes effective use of light-hearted humour to reach this key voting demographic".

The PSAs will be televised nationally, and will be advertised on social media. They are available on Be the Vote’s YouTube channel, and will be released on YouTube’s official “Elxn42” channel. Be the Vote is asking for the support of the public to chip in $5 through to help boost their impact.


About Be the Vote

Be the Vote is a non-partisan not-for-profit organization, led by a group of young Canadians passionate about getting youth to vote. Be the Vote is powered by volunteers and works on creative awareness campaigns to foster a wider-spread culture of political engagement in Canada.

Twitter: @bethevoteca



For more information, please contact:

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Executive Director

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