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Event: Outside the Ballot Box

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Having "The Conversation"


For those of you who signed Pledge Plus 1, or are considering signing it, we aren’t leaving you to fend for yourself. We have ample suggestions for how you can get a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or the dude serving you pizza at 2 AM, to the polls on October 19th.

Have no problem broaching the topic of why you think it’s important to vote? Are you comfortable with constantly posting on social media about voting, and worry your friends might be on the verge of unfriending you? Please share your master tactics in the comments section below.

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Trying on tough love

At “Be The Vote” we (surprisingly) talk a lot about voting; why voting is important, why you should vote, etc, etc. But today I’d like to play devil’s advocate and offer an alternative perspective: Don’t vote. Don’t do it. It’s not a big deal. How you vote will not make your life tomorrow any different from what it is today.

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Waiting on the world to change

I was 13 when I first heard John Mayer’s song, “Waiting on the World to Change.” If you haven’t heard it, the gist is that right now, things could use improvement. Our leaders aren’t going to improve them, but someday, some bright and sunny day, we’ll be in charge and we can change the things they won’t.

I am not a fan of this song. Musically, it’s catchy as hell - but it's the message that gets me. It’s defeatist. It says, “There are problems in the world!” “No point trying to do anything, you’re powerless! Wait! Wait and watch the problems grow! Wait long and wait hard! Someday you can change the world, but not today!”

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Reality Check at Dundas West Fest

be the vote at dundas west fest

Last Saturday, June 6, our street team headed out to Dundas West Fest in Toronto for a day of outreach. Our goal of the day was to engage young attendees in our cause and heighten awareness of Be the Vote, as well as hand out flyers reminding people that we have a federal election coming up this year.

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